Nutrition Counseling

Please click the link below to schedule a nutrition consult with Kristen – your very own RD! Kristen offers many different types of counseling packages and options, including weight loss + maintenance counseling, grocery store tours [if you are living in Gainesville, FL], intuitive eating + wellness and more. Start your journey to healthier living today!

When booking, you will see three counseling options: Virtual Counseling [aka Healthie Telehealth], in person [if you live in Gainesville, FL] or phone call. Once consult is booked, you will receive an e-mail with forms to fill out prior to your session.

Best part? There is a free app that is included – Healthie! This is where you can quickly + easily ask Kristen questions, send photos of your meals/show portion sizes, add daily weights etc. This platform helps you and YOUR dietitian stay connected throughout the week and in between follow up visits.

Book An Appointment With Kristen

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